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UFI Startups 1point8


1point8 is aiming to absorb and permanently remove 1.8 gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere per year by 2040 by cultivating macroalgae offshore.
UFI Startups 3c Labs


3C-Labs is developing a modular micro-laboratory that automates and continuously documents the characterization and manufacturing of 3D cell culture models, thus enabling data-driven research in cell biology.
UFI Startups abaut

abaut GmbH

abaut brings infrastructure construction & mining sites directly to the decisionmaker`s screen.
UFI Startups Actlabs


On-Demand detection of space debris using microwave antenna detectors onboard cheap nanosatellite constructions called CubeSats.
UFI Startups Agrodetect AI ohne Teamfoto


AgroDetectAI is developing a modular automated system for quality determination and direct sorting of unwashed potatoes


Airgae develops a technology that fosters a circular economy by reusing nutrient-rich wastewater from aquaculture to produce fresh and sustainable microalgae as a nutritious feed for the aquaculture. This innovation minimizes nutrient run-off, climate impact, and increases food security for aquaculture farmers.
230703 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px Algentechnik


AlgenTechnik is a biotech startup that designs state of the art systems that produce microalgae as low-cost, high-quality, sustainable animal feed while recycling waste from the dairy industry.
UFI Startups allunderground


allunderground is developing a revolutionary drilling method to build underground electric infrastructure faster, better and cheaper than any other solution before.
230412 UFI Startups Amperial

AMPERIAL - Smart Window Technologies

AMPERIAL develops smart window films to protect buildings (and vehicles) from unwanted solar heat gain through invennting a new nanotechnological material which allows to build switchable & transparent window films which reduce indoor temperature by 7C and energy consumption of cooling by 20-25%.
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230703 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px Aquafy


Aquafy is developing a highly innovative propulsion system for satellites, which is more performant, cost effective as well as more economically and environmentally sustainable.
UFI Startups Atlas


Atlas is developing the key component of future electric aviation: An aerospace-certified, battery-electric energy storage & distribution system.
UFI Startups Atmen


Atmen builds software to trace sustainability attributes, scale certification practices and automate compliance for hydrogen producers. Prototyping its own data-processing unit and IoT gateway, it enables granular carbon analytics for the hydrogen sector in a secured and encrypted manner.
UFI Startups Avemoy


Avemoy is working on the prototype for farming applications of a platform-independent autonomy package that enables existing and new drones to full autonomy simply using the already available sensors on the drone (sensor fusion).
UFI Startups Bavertis ohne Teamfoto


BAVERTIS is the Battery-Management of the Future, which allows to overcome the limitations of the weakest link in a chain of battery cells and therefore improve the lifetime of a battery-pack by 60-80%.
UFI Startups beworm


Beworm is developing a biocatalytic process to decompose the world's most commonly used plastics into reusable raw materials for the petrochemical industry.
beworm: Overview | LinkedIn
230703 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px Biomotion

Biomotion Technologies

Biomotion is a producer of 3D bioprinting systems, with a focus on production reliability to guarantee the standardized production of human tissues and implants and thus minimize the number of tissue rejects after production.
UFI Startups brainamics


Brainamics (Brainsight) developed a technology that can extract emotions directly from the human brain. We use neurotechnology (EEG) and Machine Learning to determine the exact emotional response of humans to stimuli
UFI Startups Caire


Using a 10 second video of the face of a patient our AI extracts heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen concentration, breathing frequency and blood pressure. This software is offered to emergency departments in hospitals as a web app that can be used through their existing tablets.
Carbon Atlantis Team

Carbon Atlantis

Carbon Atlantis develops an electrochemical process to capture CO2 gas from ocean water at scale, turning it into rock carbonates for safe and permanent storage.
UFI Startups cebellum


Cebellum is building a digital infrastructure for life science and chemistry laboratories that enables integration and connectivity of hardware and software systems in order to manage and automate data.
UFI Startups CedarDB


CedarDB's mission is to jump-start the future of database systems, unifying powerful analytics and transactional performance. CedarDB enables customers to form their business-critical decisions in one unified system that is versatile enough to handle all their data needs while staying easy to use and maintain.
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CertHub helps to reduce the time spent on medical product certification using AI fueled software.
UFI Startups Cin SOIL


CinSOIL (ex SoilMate) is a science-based software platform that promotes carbon farming and regenerative agriculture through remote sensing and satellite data.
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230703 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px Cocrafter


Cocrafter is building a marketplace that enables craft service companies to find and manage subcontractors for construction projects.
UFI Startups Collective AI

Collective AI

CollectiveAI is an integrated solution for document processing that removes efficiency killers from manual processes for organizations with strict privacy constraints.

CRATER (WARR Space Robotics)

Warr space robotics develops an autonomous planetary rover for exploration missions in mars-like environments
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UFI Startups Crestworks


Development of a new type of propulsion system for satellites and orbital applications. This system, which uses water as fuel and a microwave generator for turning it into plasma.
UFI Startups crino

crino GmbH

crino accelerates the transition to an emission free mobility and energy storage through eliminating battery failure by providing a reliable quality assessment of lithium-ion cells.
230703 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px Cyberdesk


CyberDesk detects and remediates data security risks across your multi-cloud architecture using artificial intelligence.
UFI Startups Cyclize


Cyclize is committed to transforming the value chain into a carbon circular economy. Their innovative plasma technology allows for the conversion of plastic waste into new chemical intermediates, which can be immediately utilized in the production of new products.
UFI Startups Dash


TUM DASH is the first student-led initiative in Germany developing lower-limb exoskeletons for fully paraplegic patients to stand up and walk again. The team aims to win the CYBATHLON competition in 2024 and contribute to medical techology.
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UFI Startups decyde


Decyde is an AI-powered process management software to streamline and automate ad-hoc data requests for data teams.
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UFI Startups deepc

deepc GmbH

deepc prevents medical errors using deep leaning to save lives. The AI highlights anomalies in brain images in real-time, assisting health professionals to prioritize emergencies.
230703 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px Delta Vision


deltaVision is tackeling the challenge to enable LH2 airplanes fly by developing fluid control equipments for cryogenic and advanced applications.
UFI Startups DQC


DQC is enabling effective data management by involving people who don't haave "data" in their job titles.


Emidat helps building material manufacturers to track, reduce and manage their environmental product data. With this, they are aiming to become the most powerful environmental data source for building materials.
UFI Startups Emil

Emil Motors

The goal of emil is electrifying existing diesel powered trucks through an innovative electric motor design, simplifying the electrification massively.


Empacto customizes sustainability training with an AI software and delivers it through a learning and enablement platform.
UFI Startups Energy Miner


Sustainable hydropower with no negative impact on natue.
230703 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px Enhands


The EnHands student group aims to develop affordable upper limb prostheses for the developing world.
UFI Startups etaem

etaEM GmbH

etaEM develops ‘high-power wireless power transfer solutions’ that do not emit any electromagnetic stray-fields based on a patented technology.
UFI Startups falconvision

Falcon Vision

Falcon Vision revolutionizes mountain rescue with help of intelligent drones during search missions. They use fully autonomous drones to locate a missing person, clarify the situation and provide guidance to emergency services.
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UFI Startups farminsect

FarmInsect GmbH

FarmInsect enables farmers to produce regional, sustainable protein feed from insects.
UFI Startups fernride


FERNRIDE (former PYLOT, aquaAlo) enables automated, sustainable logistics by combining the skills of remote drivers with autonomous technologies.
UFI Startups filics


Filics defines a new generation of autonomous mobile robots by reducing current solutions to a minimum. Our platform provides a simple, flexible and fast solution to automate all ground-based intra-logistics processes.
UFI Startups floweye

FLOW eye

FLOW eye is a unique monitoring system for continuous intralogistics item tracing based on edge computer vision. It detects, predicts and prevents physical anomalies in automated intralogistics systems.
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UFI Startups foodyou


FOODYOU is creating the "Swiss Army Knife of vegan proteins", that they call: "ProteinYou". It's a sustainable, adaptable mycoprotein ingredient tailored for plant-based food producers. ProteinYou not only perfects the texture for specific convenience food use-cases but also promotes healthiness!
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UFI Startups Haidhunt


haidhunt is automizing headhunting with AI to break the quality-money-time recruiting trade-off for scale-ups
UFI Startups hapticlabs


Hapticlabs is building a development platform for tangible interactions. We provide everything you need to design, prototype and implementation haptic feedback
UFI Startups Holloid


Holloid is offering real-time 3D imaging and measurements of bacteria, algae, yeast, micro plastics, and other particles.
Hoop solar

Hoop Solar

Hoop Solar is developing a semi-transparent solar covering for plastic greenhouses, enabling growers to generate clean energy while allowing sufficient light through for horticulture.
UFI Startups Hopfon


HopfON revolutionizes sustainable construction by upcycling hop waste into innovative, carbon negative building materials, paving the way for a greener future in the construction industry.
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Hula earth

Hula Earth

Hula earth blends space technology, IoT, and AI to unlock biodiversity monitoring and nature investments.
Ignition aerospace

Ignition Aerospace

Ignition Aerospace launches a microsatelite for suborbital and orbital trajectories
UFI Startups Impetus Sailing Team

Impetus Sailing Team

Impetus Sailing Team's goal is to enable sustainable yachting. They design and build boats to compete in sailing competitions at the highest level, gaining a competitive edge and pushing the limits of what is possible in dinghy sailing.
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ImuVeo is developing a way to visulize T-Cells in the human body.


iNSyT develops an optical microscope for imaging high-speed precision surface processes
UFI Startups irubis


IRUBIS develops an innovative measurement system which enables bioreactor monitoring based on MIR spectroscopy.
UFI Startups kiutra

kiutra GmbH

Kiutra facilitates low-temperature investigations of material samples and accelerate development and testing of quantum hardware & related electronics. Our platforms offer continuous sub-Kelvin cooling independent of liquid cooling media, notably independent of rare and costly helium-3.
UFI Startups Lactoverde


Lactoverde produces real milk without the emission of greenhouse gases via fermentation and cell cultures.
UFI Startups levitum


LEVITUM is a team of more than 40 highly motivated Master and Bachelor students of multiple TUM departments. We are developing a hydrogen powered eVTOL drone capable of flying over 300 km without refueling. This way, we want to build the world's longest range eVTOL drone below 25 kg Take-Off Mass.
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UFI Startups medicalytix


Medicalytix is developing a planning tool for pharma and medtech.
UFI Startups Medigital


Medigital automates and digitizes the bed management in hospitals.
UFI Startups Mily

Mily Technologies

Mily Technologies is developing a sophisticated data-driven software platform that helps delivery companies gain valuable insights, quickly reveal patterns, and spot inefficiencies in their work.
UFI Startups Mimbiosis


MIMBIOSIS produce carbon negative, 100% biodegradable, sustainable biomaterials from textile and industrial wastes as an alternative to plastic foams used in packaging and construction industries.
230703 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px More


At mo:re we develop the Micro-Lab, a laboratory robot automating advanced cell culture procedures.
230703 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px Moa

MOA Mobility

MOA Mobility builts affordable and durable electric cargo vehicles for smallholders and SMEs to foster rural development in Africa.
UFI Startups munichquantuminstruments

Munich Quantum Instruments

Munich Qunatum Istruments develops 2nd generation photonic quantum sensors, which will be an essential component for photonic quantum computing, deep space optical communication, secure quantum communication and other extremely sensitive optical measurements such as trace analysis.
UFI Startups nebumind


nebumind offers manufacturers a software solution that collects and visualizes manufacturing data, enabling you to reduce production scrap and continuously improve your manufacturing processes.
UFI Startups neohelden

Neohelden GmbH

Turning employees into superheroes with our digital assistant Neo that reduces complex processes to simple conversations.
231004 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px neuro TUM


neuroTUM is a student group who creates a Brain-Computer-Interface helping paraplegics regain independence.
230412 UFI Startups Noxon


Noxon prints sensors like T-shirt logos by combining nano-based ink with mass printing processes to produce a new generation of sensors for medical and industrial use.


NTRDE builds a vertical SaaS solution for chemical companies to buy and sell chemical products more efficiently.
UFI Startups ocell


OCELL is digitizing the forestry industry - making it more efficient, transparent and measurable. This is the foundational requirement for trustworthy carbon certificates.
Maple aviation


Octave develops a drone transportation systems for medical goods transport
UFI Startups Olive Robotics

Olive Robotics

Olive Robotics is developing a novel generation of modular robotic components that can be put together in a plug&play manner.
UFI Startups orbem


Orbem combines MRI with advanced AI for fast, accurate, and contactless object classification and analytics.
UFI Startups otter

Otter Energy Trading

Otter Energy trading sells PV energy from commercial rooftops via an automated software.
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Perian provides a platform to automate and simplify the selection, management, deployment and integration of public cloud infrastructure to run artificial intelligence jobs.
UFI Startups presize

presize GmbH (Exit)

presize develops the most accurate body scanning software for fashion online shops by combining the latest breakthroughs in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.
230412 UFI Startups Puray


Puray develops a catheter that protects patients from infections
UFI Startups Qualiwise


Qualiwise is a collaborative and visual quality platform that facilitates quality management between manufacturers and suppliers with the help of AI.
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UFI Startups Quantum Diamonds


Quantum Diamons is providing researchers and industry alike with the next generation of sensors: Quantum technology in diamond – a platform solution with unprecedented sensitivity for breakthrough innovations in MedTech, chemical analysis and engineering.
quantumdiamonds: Overview | LinkedIn
Radical dot

Radical Dot

Radical Dot transforms unrecyclable plastic waste into essentials chemical building blocks in a sustainable and cost-competitive fashion in a pioneering two-step proprietary process.
Utum placeholder funding


RedoCel develops a high-performance battery generation for the maritime transport industry.
UFI Startups robotcloud

RobotCloud GmbH

RobotCloud offers ready-to-use robotic solutions for the manufacturing and service industry
230412 UFI Startups Roundpeg

Roundpeg Technologies

Roundpeg develops robots with integrated environmental detection, which can remarkably reduce the investment risk for automation.
UFI Startups Scholar Maps


Scholarmaps is an AI-based Insight Tool for Scientific Research that is helping Researchers and Research Driven Companies explore and understand scientific publications more effectively.

SE3 Labs

SE3 Labs offers 3D computer vision and AI solutions to analyze the 3D world around us
UFI Startups sensus


Sensus revolutionizes medical procedures through AI, offering real-time anomaly detection and precise medical reporting with DRG encoding to enhance patient care and diagnostic precision.
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UFI Startups sewts

sewts GmbH

sewts has developed and demonstrated a unique technology that uses high-precision finite element method (FEM) simulations to efficiently train machine learning algorithms.
UFI Startups Sinforsa


Sinforsa uses a plasma-enabled process to recycle CO2 into value-added products. A plasma-based process is more efficient, more compact and more scalable than other approaches. The chemicals produced are used for the creation of renewable liquid fuels.
UFI Startups spanflug

Spanflug Technologies GmbH

Spanflug develops a pricing algorithm for CNC parts which can accelerate and simplify the procurement in the manufacturing industry.
UFI Startups Spherecast


With Spherecast, we want to build the future of autonomous operations planning for e-commerce brands worldwide. We are creating a full-stack platform for inventory planning to enable automatic re-ordering.
UFI Startups STABL

STABL Energy GmbH

STABL makes battery storage more efficient, more safe, affordable, and enable easy re-use of second-life batteries.
Utum placeholder funding

Stealth Start-up

Impact Start-Up at the intersection of LegalTech & Sustainability.
UFI Startups Supplyz


SUPPLYZ AI-powered sensor creates digital twins of storage containers and materials in the production and manufacturing industry to increase operational efficiencies and decrease inventory costs.
UFI Startups Synthes Eyes


SynthesEyes develops a Virtual Reality and AI-based training system for eye surgery with advanced physical user interface that helps clinics to adapt to new technologies effectively and prepare surgeons for modern surgical procedures.
UFI Startups trado


Trado is a cloud solution that enables procurement departments in high-risk and regulated industries to automate compliance approvals across systems and teams.
Trem blocks


Term-Blocks, pioneers microbot technology, setting new standards in intelligent robotics. Their autonomous, networked robots utilize magnetic drives for a unique combination of precision and flexibility.
UFI Startups TUM Carbon Removal Initiative

TUM Carbon Removal Initiative e.V.

TUM Carbon Removal Initiative e.V. is aiming to develop and build a technology that can efficiently sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and store it for at least 100 years.
UFI Startups VALUA ohne Logo


VALUA is solving time-critical infrastructure problems such as medical delivery and surveillance operations with a drone system
UFI Startups Viable

VIABLE Surgery

VIABLE Surgery develops advanced laparoscopic devices for a personalized, simplified surgical workflow.
UFI Startups Virtonomy

Virtonomy GmbH

Virtonomy (former Vyson) has created v-Patients, the first web platform for use by medical device developers that utilizes digital patient twins and simulation for virtual device development and testing.
UFI Startups Visonation


Visonation is an architectural visualization and interior design platform that uses AI to process floor plans, furnish them, and make them tangible with a 3D property configurator.
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Vortx aerotec


VORTEX builds hydrogen drones that are cheaper and more efficient than conventional drones.
UFI Startups warrspacelabs

WARR space labs

WARR space labs develops microgravity experiments. Their next prototype Rocketlabs will build upon their experiment ADDONISS, which was designed to analyze neuronal cells and degenerative diseases on the ISS.
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230703 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px Wasteex


WasteEx turns plastic waste into fuel
231004 UFI Startups Web 1024x1024px Watch R


watchr is re-empowering Sales functions through AI, by providing sales reps and sales leads with actionable data insights about their prospects to increase conversion and thus improve top-line performance.
UFI Startups workride


workride is the one-stop solution to multimodal corporate mobility. With a few button clicks, companies can analyse their current mobility options, establish new efficient (bus) routes, and monitor their entire mobility performance.


Yngvik is a bio-tech start-up making biodegradable plastics from food waste.
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