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UFI Startups Agrodetect AI ohne Teamfoto


AgroDetectAI is developing a modular automated system for quality determination and direct sorting of unwashed potatoes
UFI Startups allunderground


allunderground is developing a revolutionary drilling method to build underground electric infrastructure faster, better and cheaper than any other solution before.
230412 UFI Startups Amperial

AMPERIAL - Smart Window Technologies

AMPERIAL develops smart window films to protect buildings (and vehicles) from unwanted solar heat gain through invennting a new nanotechnological material which allows to build switchable & transparent window films which reduce indoor temperature by 7C and energy consumption of cooling by 20-25%.
UFI Startups Atlas


Atlas is developing the key component of future electric aviation: An aerospace-certified, battery-electric energy storage & distribution system.
UFI Startups Avemoy


Avemoy is working on the prototype for farming applications of a platform-independent autonomy package that enables existing and new drones to full autonomy simply using the already available sensors on the drone (sensor fusion).
UFI Startups cebellum


Cebellum is building a digital infrastructure for life science and chemistry laboratories that enables integration and connectivity of hardware and software systems in order to manage and automate data.
UFI Startups Collective AI

Collective AI

CollectiveAI is an integrated solution for document processing that removes efficiency killers from manual processes for organizations with strict privacy constraints.
UFI Startups Crestworks


Development of a new type of propulsion system for satellites and orbital applications. This system, which uses water as fuel and a microwave generator for turning it into plasma.
UFI Startups Lactoverde


Lactoverde produces real milk without the emission of greenhouse gases via fermentation and cell cultures.
UFI Startups presize

presize GmbH (Exit)

presize develops the most accurate body scanning software for fashion online shops by combining the latest breakthroughs in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.
UFI Startups Sinforsa


Sinforsa uses a plasma-enabled process to recycle CO2 into value-added products. A plasma-based process is more efficient, more compact and more scalable than other approaches. The chemicals produced are used for the creation of renewable liquid fuels.
Utum placeholder funding

Stealth Start-up

Impact Start-Up at the intersection of LegalTech & Sustainability.
UFI Startups trado


Trado is a cloud solution that enables procurement departments in high-risk and regulated industries to automate compliance approvals across systems and teams.
UFI Startups VALUA ohne Logo


VALUA is solving time-critical infrastructure problems such as medical delivery and surveillance operations with a drone system
UFI Startups Viable

VIABLE Surgery

VIABLE Surgery develops advanced laparoscopic devices for a personalized, simplified surgical workflow.
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