Pre-Seed Capital

UFI Pre Seed Capital

We support innovative deep tech start-ups in closing their first funding gap before potential equity financing rounds.

Start-ups benefit from:

  • the strong UnternehmerTUM network

  • close relationships to seed investors

  • a founder-friendly convertible loan or equity investment providing best-in-class terms

    NO valuation cap
    NO discount
    NO interest

A Most Favoured Nation Clause (MFNC)

A Most Favoured Nation (MFN) clause applies. This means that — should you agree to more investor-friendly clauses with a successor investor — these apply retroactively for Funding for Innovators, too.

Structural Conversion of the Loan

A structural conversion of the loan takes place at the first equity round or the loan’s four-year anniversary.

Funding Focus

UFI Funding Overview

Funding Criteria

  • your founding team includes Master’s- or Ph.D.-level students or graduates

  • you're active in one of UnternehmerTUM’s programs, the TUM Venture Labs, or the TUM Incubator or TUM Gründungsberatung

  • your company has been formed

  • you've built an initial prototype

  • you've identified your target customers

Funding Phases

UFI Funding Phase Initielles Pre Seed Kapital

Initial Pre-seed Capital as a Convertible Loan

Funding purpose:

  • build credibility by setting and meeting initial KPIs
  • assess market fit of your minimum viable product (MVP)
  • secure additional pilot projects and experiment with various operating models
UFI Funding Phase Individuelle Folgefinanzierung

Further Pre-seed Capital Funding (Individual Terms)

Funding purpose:

  • turn pilot projects into customer projects
  • grow your business and scale operations
  • prolong your runway to increase your venture‘s valuation prior to an equity round

Your next steps

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    Check out our funding criteria

  • 2.

    Fill out the application form

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    Our investment team will contact you

  • 4.

    Funding decision