UnternehmerTUM Funding for Innovators
For the next generation of leading tech entrepreneurs

We back technology-based founding teams and start-ups early on.

You're part of UnternehmerTUM (e.g. Academy for Innovators, XPLORE, XPRENEURS), the Makerspace, Technical University of Munich (TUM), or TUM Venture Labs? Then secure tailored pre-seed funding that lifts you off the ground!

Funding for Innovators is the pre-seed funding initiative at UnternehmerTUM, Europe's leading center for innovation and business creation. We support outstanding early-stage B2B start-ups in deep tech with the needed capital and network. With us, you can close your first financing gap and secure additional funding.

Our offers are prototyping grants and founder-friendly convertible loans. Use them to turn your idea into a scalable product!

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UFI Funding Overview

What We Fund

  • scalable B2B products and services

  • hardware, software or combined solutions

  • innovative deep tech projects

  • ambitious start-up teams

  • founders that are affiliated with UnternehmerTUM, TUM, or the TUM Venture Labs

Funding Instruments


Sustainability Cover V2

We believe that start-ups play a crucial role in shaping the world we want to live in. As an investor, we're aware of the impact we have with the decisions we make. That's why we consider ESG criteria in our investment decisions.

Together with the sustainability consulting company akzente and its start-up accelerator TechFounders, UnternehmerTUM published the Sustainability Playbooks for start-ups and VCs. The playbooks provide guidelines and pragmatic tips to tackle sustainability in a targeted manner — an approach we apply to our work.

Sustainability Playbooks

Meet Our Team

Investment Team

Dr Inga vom Holtz

Dr. Inga vom Holtz

Director Investments

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Mauricio Fleischer Acuna

Mauricio Fleischer Acuña

Investment Management

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Paolo Oppelt

Investment Management

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Andreas Reich

Andreas Reich

Investment Management

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Estelle Kulow

Estelle Kulow

Investment Management

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Investment Committee

Dr Helmut Schonenberger

Prof. Dr. Helmut Schönenberger

Dr Konstantin Reetz

Dr. Konstantin Reetz

Stefan Druessler

Stefan Drüssler